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We didn't plan on taking Scenic 390 but it was the closest way back to 290 after we missed it along our northwesterly path through the backroads from Conroe to the Texas Hill Country.

Detouring Through Burton

Our misadventure apparently started in Brenham but we didn't realize our mistake until we were well on our way to North Texas on 36 North. That's how we lucked into the happy experience of detouring through Burton via 390.

No Disappointment: Picture This

I am always interested in scenic drives and, I must add, often disappointed. But not this time! Scenic 390 was the first road in the state to get the designation of "Scenic" and it is well deserved for many reasons. Picture this: old oaks everywhere, tall and wide, sprawling over the countryside, picket fences along both sides of the road, fields of mixed wildflowers with bluebonnets giving the open spaces a blue cast, plentiful overflowing stock tanks, sleek horses, fat cattle of many different denominations, beautiful homes and farms with names. All this and more: most of the road hugs a ridge that affords a grand view of hilly terrain to the north.

Lovely Little Town

When we got to Burton signs were out announcing their 18th annual Cotton Gin Festival. It was a lovely little town with beautiful well-maintained "antique" homes and buildings. I don't remember seeing another small town that was as attractive and inviting as this one. I really wanted to stay but D.H. had already indulged me in a lengthy stop at the VF Mall in Hempstead, so I knew there was "no way."

Upcoming Events

But there's always next year! If this article has piqued your interest, the 19th Annual Cotton Gin Festival will be April 18-20, 2008. And if you can't wait until then, there's the Barn Dance and Gala Dinner October 20 of this year. For more details and extensive information on the cotton gin, click here.

1st photo by bennypix
2nd photo by Bob.Rosenberg

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'When' we retire I would love to take some day trips to some of the places you have so vividly described!
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