Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Previously - down the page a bit - I bid goodbye to our swans, thinking they would do as they usually do: head north in early April. But it turns out that I don't know much about "swanology." All seven swans recently reappeared and are still here.

After the young ones matured, they paired off and left, seemingly to nest in a more secluded area. But apparently the heavy rains we had washed away their nests and they came back to their home waters to enjoy the delicacies in the waters here. One of their favorite things is the corn our residents liberally provide them with. I've heard it said that if we feed them maybe they won't leave. I'd love it if they stayed but I think they will heed the "call of the wild" and head further north when it gets warmer here. So far we have had an unusually wet and cool spring.

Since I've already posted many photos of the "Magnificent Seven," this time I will provide something different. When the family returned, I noticed those that had mates doing something I can only call "necking." Maybe that's not what it's called but it does seem to be an exchange of affection among the pairs. See for yourself!


Yep! It looks like necking to me, too!
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