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It's traditional on my birthday that we take a little trip and look for bluebonnets. We have countless photos of our children - and us - sitting in fields of bluebonnets. Now that it's just us, we skipped that part.

When we lived in The Megalopolis (Houston), there were always bluebonnets to be found on my birthday. Hubby usually spotted the first ones along T.C. Jester Boulevard while going to work. Then our annual trip would involve going to Chapel Hill through Hempstead so we could see fields of blue.

This year we live in the Texas Hill Country and we had to put forth more effort for less reward. Our only sighting was at a picnic area near Canyon Lake. It was a small patch but it was beautiful and I was glad for it. I picked one. Just one!

The THC is known for wildflowers - Lady Bird Johnson saw to that - but they are late this year. Last year we didn't have any and there was some talk that the continuing drought might have lasting effects. But experts say this will be a good year, there're just a little late.

Whew! I'm glad for that. I've seen gorgeous fields of them in Navarro and Ellis Counties on past birthdays, as well as Harris and surrounding counties. But my favorite viewing area is the Willow Loop, just north of Fredricksburg. It's spectacular. I'm looking forward to driving through there in another week or two.

Wherever you are driving this Spring, enjoy the view!

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A Belated Happy Birthday to you, dear neighbor!!!
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