Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Doesn't he look cold!

This is our second winter in the Texas Hill Country and, to our delight, it is snowing. Not just fluffy flakes but big beautiful globs of snow are coming down. As I looked out the glass patio doors toward the small lake there, I noticed a robin perched amid the snow in the large live oak there. A robin in the snow! I knew it was a robin because of it's red breast. And also because I saw a whole flock of them when I was walking a couple of weeks ago. I did some research and learned that their love for the berries of our ash junipers brings them here in the winter. That, and because it is usually warmer here than up north where they came from.


The temperature has been hovering around 20. On the news I hear that I 10 is closed from Bourne, about 30 miles east of her, to an unnamed distance west. I actually thought I heard them say to CA but that seems a bit hard to believe.

We've had no reason to get out. Thank God! No mail delivery today or yesterday and we didn't get our newspaper.


The seven swans are still aswimming in the lake and came up hoping we would throw them some corn. Raymond did but reported it was slippery to do so. I ventured out the back porch to take some photos and into the carport to look at the streets better but that is all.


There look to be about 35 of the diving ducks that only come in the winter swimming back and forth in the lake. And I saw the 4 male mallards that live here year round. Raymond said he saw the two domestic ducks: Blackie and Whitie, he calls them. I like to call them Rae and X-Ray because they are opposites in their coloring.

That's my report on happenings in the frosty Texas Hill Country today.

Photo by richardrichard -

Wasn't the snow beautiful as it fell? The best part for me was that I could stay home, sit back and just watch the big, beautiful flakes fall.
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