Thursday, January 18, 2007



This afternoon we were able to go outside and walk for the first time in days. No more slippery icy conditions, no more fierce freezing wind, and no more beautiful snow! The snow I miss. Both the fluffy falling of it (that was really beautiful!) and the white shiny banket that covered the barren landscape.

Where are they?

Because we back up to the lake and also have large sliding glass doors, we have had an excellent view through the seige of bad weather. Yesterday I was treated to a flyby of the seven swans that have lived here since Thanksgiving. They hovered just above the water. You wouldn't believe the clatter as 14 large wings beat the air together. Often they also drag their webbed feet in the water, sprayng multiple plumes skyward as they fly. Today I was anxious because I hadn't seen them.

My husband noticed, too, that we hadn't seen the swans. As large as they are and there being seven of them, they are hard to miss! So the first thing we did after bundling up for the walk was look for the swans. Although the lake is just a small private one, we don't have full view of it from any one spot. So as we walked we kept craning our necks, hoping to get a glimpse of a large spash of white, preferably several large splashes of white. Well, it never happened!


I thought maybe the swans got tired of the cold weather and headed someplace warm. But if that were true, why didn't they leave earlier? Why wait until the thaw? The lake seems empty and lifeless without them. Well, almost. There are the lesser creatures: 30 or so diving ducks, 4 mallards, and 2 domestic ducks. And just a little while ago I saw something that was uncommon. Instead of feathers, it had fur. Was it a beaver? I'm not sure but definitely something like that. However, there is nothing to compare with seven swans swimming by like royalty on parade.

Sigh....I hope they come back.

I am soooooo sad the swans are gone! At times they were a bit mean but I still look forward to their return...whenever that might be.
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