Sunday, October 01, 2006


I thought about calling this article The Magnificent Seven...but since I've already headlined the return of the swans...and given them another headline when the early arrival of three turned into six...what do I do now that there are seven?


At this point I need to tell you that the second time (or was it the third or fourth?) that I excitedly told my oldest son that we had swans in our backyard, he said, "Mom, you already told me about the swans."


So, I decided not to headline the fact that the daddy swan has now joined his mate and five offspring in our backyard. Photos? Yes. A screaming headline? No. I chose to start out with something light such as Bird Business. But after looking at that a while, it seemed ho-hum lame, so I moved on to the current headline, with apologies to my son. (And then snuck in this subhead about the Daddy's arrival.)


Still, I'll bet all you swan fans would think it incredible to have SEVEN swans as neighbors; you don't think I'm overreacting, do you?

Wow! Finally!! I have loved all your pictures and comments concerning our swans!
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