Thursday, August 31, 2006


This may look like a photo of nothing to you but to me it looks like relief. The bats are gone! When they first came I enjoyed the novelty of their presence. But then more came, and still more. They especially liked to congregate on a hilltop across from my home, where I usually begin my walk.


One morning a few days ago I started to walk in my usual direction and then just stopped and turned around. Not only was the sky full of bats but they were repeatedly swooping down low over the pavement where I was headed and I saw no way I could avoid being hit by the swoopers. At this point you may want to tell me that their built-in radar would have prevented such a close physical encounter. Yeah, I know. That is I know with my head, but my heart wasn't convinced. Nor my eyes. They told me that the sky was full of bats blocking my path and I was on a collision course with them.

I had read in the San Antonio Express News that this bat invasion was primarily young bats not likely to have rabies. I'm sure that's true (again, with my head). But the rest of me did not want to chance a personal physical encounter with the creepy creatures (or several of them!) even if they were in good health. Enough said!


So please, rejoice with me that I'm now enjoying the blessedness of a bat-free sky and a bat-free walk over my usual turf. And did I mention it was also a nice cool morning with a temp of 65 here in our small rural valley in the Hill Country? Ahhhh! Relief!

Blessed relief! Thank you, Lord, for the cool morning! And yes, we rejoice with you for the batless sky!!!! Enjoy your walk!
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